SharpSmith, Inc - Stay Sharp!
Lori came to our shop for the first time last week and we couldn't have been happier. Everything was perfect and we will definitely be calling again! Thank you!
Jaala Wotruba

I have had such a battle over the years finding even just a decent sharpener. I heard about Lori at SharpSmith and thought it couldn’t hurt to give her a try. I am up in Estes Park where NO ONE is willing to go especially in the winter, but she didn’t hesitate or even charge me extra. In fact all her prices are comparatively fair, and once you see the results you will want to tip her way more. How I have ever managed without her before I will never know, and shutter at the thought. It seems like the hair just falls off the dogs after she is done. I just have to wave my tools over the dog like a magic wand. She can sharpen just about anything. It may become a personal challenge of mine to see what she can NOT do. Coat Kings, long clipper blades, ceramic blades, anything your sharpener has told you are “impossible” to sharpen; not a problem at all for her. She is beyond awesome, broken through the ceiling of awesome. If she ever moves, I might have to relocate my salon just to keep her. See has become a necessity to my grooming salon. Not only is the quality of her services beyond perfect, her customer service is spot on. She works with your needs, you can confidently trust her advice, and always reliable. If you are not using Lori with SharpSmith for your sharpening needs, you need to give her a try next. You will certainly be amazed.
Christine Kalencki